AKA Men's Barbering Membership


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Why Become An AKA Man?

  • Never take out your wallet. Walk-in. Get haircut. Look awesome. Leave. It’s all prepaid as part of your membership.
  • Never wait in line to pay. Waiting is for suckers. You’ve got deals to close and people to impress with your style and swagger.
  • Fits your busy lifestyle.We keep you looking awesome. You keep being awesome and doing epic $#!%.
  • Convenient online booking (book and change your appointment online). Optimized for mobile and desktop.
  • Standing appointments (optimize your schedule).Pre-book a standing appointment and let us keep you looking awesome ‘on the regular’.
  • Convenient automated reminders (keep you on track).Stay on track with your day and never forget your ‘you’ time.
  • Order products ahead of time so they’re ready for pickup.Easily pre-order your favorite hair product(s) so they are ready for you on your next visit. Just grab and go – it’s pre-paid to save you time.
  • Convenient Add to calendar feature.Easily add your appointments to your favourite calendar app. We make that easy too.
  • Free hair products & product discounts.Go with a longer membership and get more free stuff! Free stuff is good. Free stuff that makes you magnetic and dope-looking is even better! As a member, you also get 10% off any product purchases.
  • Free beard trims.Get that ‘fresh trimmed’ look. You deserve it! Longer membership means more free trims!
  • Visit as often as you like.Need a quick refresh? Big meeting? Hot date? If we have an open spot, it’s yours! Just book online. Get that extra boost of confidence that looking your best gives.